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Are you looking for a men's hair salon in Anjou, near Saint-Léonard (Montreal)? At De Neuville Coiffure, our hairdressing professionals help you get a stylish haircut that will highlight your face and put forward a unique style designed especially for you.


The haircut for men can vary depending on the preferences and current trends. Trust our stylists to determine which cut best suits your hair type and face shape. 

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Permanente homme.jpg


The perm is a hairstyle technique that consists of permanently curling the hair. 

Our expert hairdressers are trained in the latest techniques to create a variety of styles; from tight curls to looser, natural curls. This technique can be used on hair of different lengths and textures 

  Get perfect, long-lasting curls for a voluminous and elegant hairstyle! 


Our masculine coloring technique allows you to give a more youthful and dynamic appearance, while maintaining a natural look. We offer a wide range of natural colors with formulas that are gentle and non-irritating to the scalp. Refresh your look with youthful, natural hair! 

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