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Are you looking for a women's hair salon in Anjou, near Saint-Léonard (Montreal)? At De Neuville Coiffure, our hairdressing professionals help you get a cut, style or color that highlights your face and puts forward a unique style designed especially for you. Our professionals can also help you solve hair problems, such as hair loss, dandruff and dull hair. Visit section hair care  for more information. 


Balayage is a hair coloring technique that involves applying lighter highlights. 

This helps bring luminosity and dimension to the hair, while creating a natural and subtle look. Our team of talented colorists work closely with each client to create a custom balayage that highlights their natural hair color and unique style. 

Illuminate your hair with a personalized sweep for a luminous and natural look! 

Balayage et Mèche coiffure pour femme IMG_2883.JPG
Hair Dying


Coloring can change hair color, cover gray hair, or add highlights and shine to hair. 

Our expert colorists create bespoke colors for each client, using quality products and taking into account their natural hair color and style. 

Give your hair a boost with our personalized coloring service for a fresh and daring look! 


Styling results in soft, shiny hair with controlled volume.  

This technique can be used to create a variety of hairstyles, wavy, straight… Trust our beauty specialists to determine with you which style suits you best 

Mise en plis IMG_0445.JPG


The perm is a hairstyle technique that consists of permanently curling the hair. 

Our expert hairstylists are trained in the latest techniques to create a variety of styles; from tight curls to looser, natural curls. This technique can be used on hair of different lengths and textures 

Get perfect, long-lasting curls for a voluminous and elegant hairstyle! 

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